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Ice Palace

A summer’s eve; a cool breeze, and a moon risen… across where the sun shone.

Take a gander, a taste, a smell, a listen… Let the senses glisten… and howl at the moon.


What’s Happening?

Join us and friends from across the road for our first monthly Jazz Jam!!

Eric and Amanda and other friends (Kevin!?) will hold down the groove so that others may join in if they like.

This event is for a variety of visitors. One can bring an instrument and play, or one can simply watch and listen to whatever unfolds into the evening.

LittleWolf is a gallery and stage that also sells French Wine, Craft Cheese, Sparkling Water, and Charcuterie fix’ns. So, bring some friends and make a night of it!

Dec 11th   5-8PM

Shop Ornaments!


“LittleWolf Gallery was created to add to the Arts and Culture of the area. It strives to offer unique experiences, centered around glass art and music, via various shows and events. We also have a great selection of French Wine.”– Donovan

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180 N. Main St., Iola, WI 54945

(608) 770-3822