It’s always an interesting day when meeting up with Wes and Wes. I was first made aware of Wes Hunting (Sr) through the unusual medium of an internet forum, many years ago. I was fascinated by both Wes’ unique work (with styling ranging from teapots to 60’s automotive) and his creative drive.

Years ago, the Wes’s performed a workshop at UW Madison, where I was taking glass classes as a “special student”. There, I was honored to help Wes and Wes Jr. with a sculptural piece that they were doing as a demonstration. It has been a pleasure to watch the different changes throughout the years, and now to have their “Colorfield” work at LittleWolf… well, I’m truly honored.

Stop into LittleWolf Gallery today to view their masterful work!

To learn about Hunting Studio Glass, please visit their website.