French Wine Club by LittleWolf

LittleWolf Gallery invites you on a tour of France via French Wine!

Travel with us from comfort of your own home as we try wines from a different wine region every month!

LittleWolf French Wine Club

LittleWolf French Wine Club

How it works:

Our wine rep, David, will curate up to 3 wines from a single French Wine Region, every month. Most often, you will get 3 wines. When we get to Bourgogne, or perhaps the Bordeaux or Champagne-producing regions, you might get 2 (or maybe even 1) wine/s for that month. Those months are Special Region months where wines are simply just more expensive and more special. The main idea is to provide our members with good representative wine from that month’s region, at a good / discounted value.

Simply sign up, and travel with us throughout the year. There is no obligation, and you can cancel at any time. *

Monthly Cost is $70.00
Introductory Pricing $63.00 through July 31st

Pickup begins every second Saturday during open hours
(We are open most of the day on those Saturdays due to that being an event day).

Member Benefits:
Discounted Pricing
(Buy additional cases at same discount)
10% discount on products at LittleWolf ( limit to 1 sale per day. )
Education on Wine and Wine Regions
Each month we will have a write-up on the wines and the region.
We welcome feedback and discussion on the wines and region!
• Member Events
We will have optional in-house events for members. TBA
• Supporting Glass Shop
Members will be supporting the efforts for a Community Accessible Art Glass
 Studio! A portion of the subscription income will go toward the glass

As a gift, or for your own enjoyment, the LittleWolf French Wine Club is the perfect way to enjoy and learn about the wines, and the famous wine regions, of France.

* Please note: To Cancel, be sure to cancel prior to the first of the month! If your order goes out at the first of the month, your cancellation will begin with the next month.

Just Fill out the the form below to get started!
* This form is secured via high encryption.
* This is for people 21 years and older. You may be requested to provide an I.D., at LittleWolf, to prove your age.

By checking "Sign me up!", I agree to allow LittleWolf Gallery to debit my credit card for the subscription price around the first of each month, for one year, or until the cancellation. Cancellation must happen prior to the first of the month in order to successfully cancel your subscription for that coming month. Your Credit Card info is safely stored *offline* once your registration is processed. It is destroyed if the yearly subscription is not renewed, or upon cancellation.

Thankyou! – Donovan (Owner LittleWolf)